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At SouLift, we take you by the hand and give you everything you need to be successful in your fitness journey. We specialize in Personal Training in a Small Group setting. From customizable daily workouts, nutrition, accountability, and more!

Lose Weight- Look Great- Feel Amazing

“Nobody cares more about people and their health & quality of life than David. He has changed careers and invested countless hours perfecting his craft to improve his ability to help others reach their goals. If you’re looking to make real change and want to be held accountable by someone who truly cares, David is the guy. I feel confident referring friends to David because what he does works.”
-Matt Wichlinski
Head Strength Coach
WWE Performance Center

"Soulift. I can't imagine life without it. I am completely committed to my workouts. They are mentally and physically demanding. I keep pushing along because, I am a better at life when I Soulift. All because I feel good. Actually I don't just feel good, I feel great. I am strong, physically and mentally." Jenny Summers

                                                  Missy's Testimonial

"When I signed up for Summer Bootcamp in June of 2016, I didn’t know that I would find a gym that would change my life.  I suffered a back injury a local gym 3 years ago when I was performing Kettlebell swings.  The lower back injury resulted in severe pain and loss of feeling in my right leg.  A few weeks following my injury, I went in for lower back surgery.  My back surgery entailed shaving my lower disc, to relieve the pressure of the disc lying on my nerve.  I recovered well, but I was now reluctant to get back into the gym.

The next 2 years consisted of walking, a little jogging and Beachbody workouts from home. I was exercising at least 5 days a week, but I wasn’t seeing any results.  I refrained from any exercises that called for jumping, lifting anything heavy and Kettlebell’s to avoid another injury. 

That changed when I joined Soulift.   When I first told David of my prior injuries, I assumed he would think I wouldn’t be a good candidate for the Soulift experience.  I was wrong!  David didn’t hesitate, and was confident that he would help strengthen my core, relieve my back pain and focus on increasing my overall strength.

I felt comfortable at Soulift from my very first whiteboard workout!  

I slowly started seeing results, and decided to sign up for a five week challenge towards the end of last summer.  At the time, I couldn’t run a mile and never thought I would finish the challenge.  The challenge was a physical one, but the daily workouts helped me prepare for the final workout, “ Murph”.  I was proud that in the end I was able to complete “Murph”, which consisted of a 2 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push up and 300 squats in under an hour.  I also went from not being able to run a mile, to running 5 miles.  I had lost several inches, 10 lbs and was ready to keep going! 

Since joining Soulift, I am in better shape than I’ve ever been.  I look forward to the intense workouts that now include jumping, lifting weights and Kettlebell swings (everything I told myself I would never be able to do again)!  I have seen a big difference not only in my weight, but my strength and my overall quality of life.  I live pain free, and sometimes forget I had back surgery.  It’s hard finding time to get into the gym (I’ve seen 5am workouts, and 8pm workouts) over the last year, but I love that there are so many options to accommodate our busy lives. 

Thank you David, and the Soulift family for all of the support that you provided me over the last 9 months!  I’m not stopping here though, David continues to challenge us, and I will continue to challenge myself every day! "Missy Harvey

Soulift has been perfect fit for me to reach my weight & fitness goals! Soulift provides the personal attention & group motivation I needed without the expense of a hiring & locating a personal trainer in Beaver County.
— Bruce C.

UPDATE: SouLift Fitness member Ron K goes from 277lbs to 228lbs in 4 months and still going!

My strength AND mobility have dramatically improved since joining SouLift. My chiropractor has seen improvement in my back, which has always been a problem for me. I no longer fear that daily activities will injure my back and bring my life to a screeching halt. Thank you David! - Patty S
As a chiropractor that is passionate about educating people and inspiring them to become better versions of themselves, David at Soulift does the same. I don’t hesitate to refer patients to him because I know he has the knowledge, passion, and no bs attitude (like myself which just wastes both of our time) to help people become stronger, better versions of themselves. It’s less about the superficial goals of loosing weight, its more about what you gain as a stronger human being. He has helped me as well a long the way break various training plateaus. Keep up the great work Soulift! - Dr. Edwin Amhrein - Evolve Wellness Center