SOULIFT is more than a gym, it is more than personal training, it is a community of individuals that are focused on improving not only themselves but the world around them.


SOULIFT started as a concept, an idea that there was a group of individuals within the region of Beaver County, call it Western PA, that were serious about self improvement. Fitness across all levels.  The mental, physical, spiritual, and relational.  Through nutrition planning, deliberate activity and camaraderie, this group would make a lasting impact within their own lives, but also positively impact their families, co-workers, and our community. Holistic fitness goes far beyond the kettlebell and WOD.  SOULIFT helps you build the best version of yourself based on your unique goals.  We are not just another gym that hopes you will renew next month. We care about our members like a true family!

Stay True, Stay Strong, Hold Fast - SOULIFT


Team Members

Meet our Game Changers

David Pavkovich
Founder, Trainer
: David Pavkovich. Husband to Cassandra. Father to River, Tristan and Aislyn. Creator of SouLift. David spent 15 yrs in the residential, commercial flooring trades and construction before discovering his path of physical training and leadership. “ I grew up a screw up. I spent my time and energy on destructive behaviors that would lead me down dark paths. When I discovered how powerful I was through strength training, I knew that I could help others overcome their demons as well. If I could do it, anyone could. My past brought me to this point and I don't regret any of it.” David recognized the gap between information and action and has dedicated himself to filling it by helping everyday people realize the carry over of physical strength and discipline into their mental and spiritual well being, and ultimately their lives. Fanatic of all things physical culture, David believes in providing the tools and leadership necessary for helping people discover their own path and power using strength training as the vehicle. “We have a few mottos at SouLift. We want you to only strive to be better than yesterday. We want you to be able to save your own life. We want you to positively impact everyone that you come in contact with. “ David lives with his family in Beaver Pennsylvania along the Ohio River.

                        Josh Martin                             Coach

                      Josh Martin