How to eat for simple fat loss

If you aren’t willing to adult up,take control and have some discipline while being open minded then there isn’t a trainer,gym,program,DVD,shake, exercise or pill that can help you.
With that being said,
The #1 question I get is “What should I eat?”
Here, I’ll simplify this for everyone..
– Eat real food (not ‘food like products’) 90% of the time. This means that the other 10% you can have those things you love/crave. Don’t over think/complicate this.
– Your foods should be proteins, fruits, veggies,seeds,berries and sometimes nuts (but be careful with the nuts because they are calorie dense) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Don’t “stuff” yourself. Eat for fuel not because you can. Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Don’t drink your calories. Avoid soda, and Starbucks and juices. (enjoy alcohol in moderation if you like,clear liquors are best. What’s really best is to keep it to a bare minimum if at all but I digress) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Enjoy your food. Food is a gift. Learn new ways to cook, new flavors, textures,smells. Try new things. You’ll be surprised;) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
-Be consistent with this advice. Don’t overthink/complicate this
That’s all that’s it. I’m sorry it’s not sexy or popular but it’s so simple even a caveman can do it. Have patience, be consistent and move your body the way the good lord intended.

Being the best Personal trainer in Beaver County isn’t an easy job.

Everyone knows how to lose weight but it’s my job to help people find a way that fits their unique situation. Not everyone is the same. The above nutrition advice though is universal.

Will you use it?