Alis Volat Propriis

I can't think of anything stronger than a mother.

They hold everything together when it's about to fall apart. 

Good mothers are everything to everyone. 
An example to their child.
A wife to their husband
A dutiful employee
A thoughtful employer
Doer of homework and finder of all that is missing. 
Chef, chauffer. 

But we already know all of this.  

What we don't think of often enough is what she put on hold to be all of those things to everyone else. 

Her ambitions.
Her dreams.
Her creativity
Her style
Her flare

All of the things that made her;her.

In the above photo is our STRONG Mom's club. These ladies meet 3 days a week at 9am. They get their kids off to school then take a small bit of time for themselves.  

and they f***ing deserve it.

So my hats off to  you STRONG Mom's. 

You make the rockin' world go round.

Til next time,

P.S. - If YOU are a STRONG Mom and want to claim your spot at SouLift  just send us an email OR if you know someone who is and deserve a spot please share this with them!