3 Common Faults to avoid while performing RDL's

Our friend, Coach Travis Holley and Joey Chapa from Travis County Strength in Austin Texas helps us learn about what NOT to do while performing the beloved RDL.

 The Romanian Deadlift, commonly known as the RDL, is one exercise you definitely need to incorporate into your training if you're looking to increase posterior chain strength. But like all movements, doing it properly will provide the most bang for your buck and keep you healthy for the long-game.


  1. Rounding the low back
    This usually occurs because the athlete does not have control of their mid-line position or the athlete is attempting to go lower than there hamstring mobility will allow.
  2. Bar drifts away from body
    This fault can be seen when the athlete is not properly engaging their lats to pull the bar back against the legs in an active position.
  3. Too much knee flexion
    Again, this often occurs when the athlete attempts to go further than their mobility allows. But it can also be related to a poor understanding of pushing the hips back to stretch the hamstrings. 

An overarching concept that you'll find to be helpful is to only go as far down as your body will allow while maintaining proper positioning and activity. Everyone's range of motion and body mechanics are different, so don't get caught up forcing ranges of motion that aren't there yet. This will only lead to injury. Give it time and some solid effort to move as perfectly as possible and the benefits will soon follow.  not there to keep from possible injury.

Be sure to check out the video below. Joey Chapa, TCS's newest intern, breaks down the RDL and the concepts we've talked about above with some of the very best demonstrations ever performed by some dude with a great beard. HA!

Marginal Gains

"Each day we get 24 hours to leave our mark on this earth. We get to impact the people around us with our hearts passion. Some days you are on top of your game and putting it all out there. Other days you might have victory by getting your self out of bed and taking steps forward to complete your day. 

What we learn from the slight edge is 1% + increase each day will bring you closer to your goals.  

The only way you can fail is to quit. " - Jeremy Thiel - HeartMark




SouLift Celebrates: Emiluz Biehls

Latin Fire is her gym name. She's a sassy Puerto Rican mother of 4 daughters and a physical badass.  We are PROUD to call her one of our own.
As we celebrate her one year anniversary of SouLifting, here is Emi in her own words:

"I'm 46 years old and have 4 daughters. Before I became a member of the SouLift Family  didn't workout as much as I wanted to. I didn't like the way my body looked, so I tried the whole Planet Fitness thing but didn't feel like I was being pushed or motivated to do better.Then I found SL and after a few months, weeks even, of working out at SouLift I felt a difference in my body. I had more energy and was starting to see definitions in my body that wanted to see such as my arms,legs and abs. I love the way the coaches push me to do betterand gives me challenges that they know that could accomplish. 
SouLift has changed my life for the better and has become a part of my every day oasis."
-Emi Biehls

Our hats off to you Latin Fire. We love ya!

Alis Volat Propriis

I can't think of anything stronger than a mother.

They hold everything together when it's about to fall apart. 

Good mothers are everything to everyone. 
An example to their child.
A wife to their husband
A dutiful employee
A thoughtful employer
Doer of homework and finder of all that is missing. 
Chef, chauffer. 

But we already know all of this.  

What we don't think of often enough is what she put on hold to be all of those things to everyone else. 

Her ambitions.
Her dreams.
Her creativity
Her style
Her flare

All of the things that made her;her.

In the above photo is our STRONG Mom's club. These ladies meet 3 days a week at 9am. They get their kids off to school then take a small bit of time for themselves.  

and they f***ing deserve it.

So my hats off to  you STRONG Mom's. 

You make the rockin' world go round.

Til next time,

P.S. - If YOU are a STRONG Mom and want to claim your spot at SouLift  just send us an email OR if you know someone who is and deserve a spot please share this with them!

How to eat for simple fat loss

If you aren’t willing to adult up,take control and have some discipline while being open minded then there isn’t a trainer,gym,program,DVD,shake, exercise or pill that can help you.
With that being said,
The #1 question I get is “What should I eat?”
Here, I’ll simplify this for everyone..
– Eat real food (not ‘food like products’) 90% of the time. This means that the other 10% you can have those things you love/crave. Don’t over think/complicate this.
– Your foods should be proteins, fruits, veggies,seeds,berries and sometimes nuts (but be careful with the nuts because they are calorie dense) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Don’t “stuff” yourself. Eat for fuel not because you can. Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Don’t drink your calories. Avoid soda, and Starbucks and juices. (enjoy alcohol in moderation if you like,clear liquors are best. What’s really best is to keep it to a bare minimum if at all but I digress) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
– Enjoy your food. Food is a gift. Learn new ways to cook, new flavors, textures,smells. Try new things. You’ll be surprised;) Don’t overthink/complicate this.
-Be consistent with this advice. Don’t overthink/complicate this
That’s all that’s it. I’m sorry it’s not sexy or popular but it’s so simple even a caveman can do it. Have patience, be consistent and move your body the way the good lord intended.

Being the best Personal trainer in Beaver County isn’t an easy job.

Everyone knows how to lose weight but it’s my job to help people find a way that fits their unique situation. Not everyone is the same. The above nutrition advice though is universal.

Will you use it?