SouLift Celebrates: Elizabeth K.

Eye of the Tiger

Eye of the Tiger

At SouLift Fitness it all starts with the consultation. We meet, get to know you a little bit, learn about your life and goals and work together for a plan for success. 
When we met Elizabeth there was already fire inside of her.  Her consistent work ethic and ambition is contagious. She is driven to succeed in life and business and brings out the best of everyone in the room.. 
Elizabeth emulates everything that SouLift stands for and we are PROUD to call her one of us. 
Elizabeth, we salute you. 

What brought you to SouLift in the first place?
I needed a better place for accountability, a place with more challenge and I wanted that ‘fitfam’ feel. 

What was your first impression? 
My first impression was ‘how the hell am I going to keep up?’ I felt challenged yet comfortable at the same time. There was no ‘clique’vibe. 


How has that changed?
It’s still the same - I look at some of these WoD’s like ‘no way I can complete this’! And I have to go to different class times, and every group has their ‘usual crew’ but everyone welcomes you, motivates you and helps each other regardless. 

What was your first victory?
There are tonssss - first one that comes to mind is my PR deadlift of 245#, as a mum and in my mid-30’s you come to realize that your mind feels younger than your body, but when your body actually seems to align with your mind it’s a magical moment! 

What are you working on now?
Form form form - on all movements - and always consistency and pushing myself further.

What’s your favorite SL memory?
Ahhh every 9am class is memorable! Lol I don’t think I have just one - However, doing lunges and squats with CC (Shelley’s precious nugget) is one of my favs. One I will surely miss once I have to attend an evening class instead of my beloved 9am! 


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