Your Gym Bag. An Incomplete List of Suggested Items to Carry. SouLift Fitness Beaver,Pa

What should be in your gym bag?

A person’s gym bag is a very personal thing. As it should be.

Each person is different and has different needs and wants. At SouLift we try to have everything a person would need available but that’s not always the case.

Nor should it be.

Investing in some basics is a good idea for everyone. Here’s an incomplete list to get you started.


First we should mention the bag itself. It could be a duffle bag like 9th grade gym class or something more sophisticated with pockets from everything from water bottles to supplements. These days you can find a bag to fit just about any taste or lifestyle. A simple Google or Amazon search will help you out here. Like everything else in life- No need to overcomplicate this. Just make sure it’s big enough to carry all the things you plan gym’n with.

Next up.. Water bottle. It also helps if the bottle is full. Try to go with something environmentally friendly and looks dope. This Nalgene bottle from Rogue should do the trick..

After that, another good idea is to keep our gym shoes in here. At our gym it is expected that you change from your street shoes. No one likes a dirty floor and who knows where or what you’ve been tromping through.

Towel- We don’t supply these. Big or small? Whatever you’d like.

Shaker bottle. This would be for your for Pre, during and Post workout nutrition. If you’re unsure about any of this- talk to your coach and they will help steer you in the right direction.  

Protein. This would be part of your post workout nutrition.

Jump Rope. Everyone seems to have a different favorite jump rope- or the same jump rope and everyone scurries to get it first. If you carry your own there’s no need to worry about getting the right one because it’s already in your bag.

Deodorant. Don’t be stinky. Also, a solid deodorant isn't good. It melts.

Gloves- If you’re a glove wearer, keep those in your bag.

Kettlebell wrist guards. We have a few sets at SouLift but if it’s snatch day, these seem to get pretty sweaty then passed from class to class. Here's what we use. 

Weightlifter or Powerlifter? A good thing to keep in your bag is your weight belt.

Wear knee sleeves? Yep. Those should go in there too.

If you’re female- Use your best judgement on what you will need. Make-up, Hairties, extra sports bra, whatever.. That should be in your bag too.

That should be my best incomplete list. I was going to link to things I thought would be beneficial but all of these items are personal to the user.

It’s YOUR bag. Put what you need in it.