SouLift Celebrates : Kristin and Todd C.

SouLift Celebrates: Kristin and Todd


Life is generally better with a solid teammate. In gym or life, having a partner who inspires you, motivates you, pushes you to do your best even when you aren’t “feeling it” that day, a constant spotter who helps you get that last rep out even when you’re still shaking from that last set.  

This month SouLift Celebrates training and life partners Kristin and Todd Clayton.

How long have you been with SouLift?
Kristin: A little over a year
Todd: It was one year in May

What brought you to SouLift in the beginning?
Kristin: Wanting to get healthier and lose weight. We were stuck in a rut with a busy family life and were not taking care of ourselves.
Todd: -Originally I wanted to look good for a cruise wedding I was going to be in. I was in some sorry shape. Lol. 



What was it like in the beginning?
Kristin: Hard! We were so out of shape and struggled at first but we started to see results right away.
Todd: Hard. It was physically difficult and took a lot to push through. At times I doubted myself. 

What changes have you seen?
Kristin: A lot of weight loss and I feel like I look better! I have so much more energy too.
Todd: More energy. I feel great. Able to do more physical activities easier. 



What is your favorite part of SL?
Kristin: The other members are my favorite! Everyone is so encouraging and motivating.
Todd: The people you work out with are fantastic. They motivate, help push you, and are your fan. Your accomplishment is like their accomplishment. And vice versa. Coaches are very helpful, make you accountable, and make you feel comfortable when you feel like you aren’t doing well or aren’t sure of yourself.  

What is like working out with your spouse?
Kristin: I love working out with Todd. I think we are more successful because we are both on the same page at home and the gym.
Todd: I wouldn’t have come as far as I have without Kristin. I think it’s brought us closer. We push each other. She pushes me more though. Lol. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out on their journey?
Kristin: Don’t quit! Taking care of yourself is so important!
Todd: It’s hard. No getting around it. Don’t give up. You have a lot in you that’s waiting to come out. You have to work. It WILL get easier. You WILL feel great. You WILL look better. You WON’T regret it. 


It reminds me of the saying “Many hands make light work”.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or want to sharpen your skills, we can help.

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