Lynn Shrum: SouLifter of the Year 2018

An award like this is meant to recognize those who work hard and make an impact on others along the way. This year's winner has been a light for the many people who voted for her, and I'm sure for many others outside of the gym.


Lynn Shrum is the 2018 SouLifter of the Year!

“Her positivity and her presence is just overall welcoming.”


I've heard nothing but love for Lynn. She is known to be “motivational,” “inspirational,” and “encouraging.” Many have been touched by just experiencing her dedication to herself and her fitness. She goes from 5 AM P90X classes to afternoon workouts all in the same day! To be able to do all of that, while also caring enough to help push others during their workouts, is truly amazing! She is genuinely humble, “so kind, and always has such a great attitude.” Lynn Shrum is certainly deserving of this award. Read more about her in the small interview below!


 1. How did you feel when you first found out you won SouLifter of the Year?

 I was excited! I was honored really.  Honestly, there are so many people who deserve this, also, so I was grateful for being considered by the group.


2. How long have you been going to SouLift and what kept you here?

 I joined in November of 2017 after I met with David to see if this was something for me.  David helped me determine what I could do to improve my quality of life and build strength.  As for what has kept me here, it is a bunch of things, really. David has been an excellent coach and friend, not just to me, but to my family, as well.  He has inspired me to keep digging in and working hard and I have seen the difference that the gym has made in my life.

3. What goals have you accomplished at SouLift?

 Being 50 years old, I have never felt better.  I wanted to get in shape and be able to do things with my family and not just sit around and wonder where the time went.  I hoped to get physically stronger and I have been able to do all of that.  I also was not very strong with cardio fitness, so I started running in the Saturday morning running group in the spring/summer.  I made a goal for myself of running a 5K race and I did that this year on Thanksgiving Day. I never imagined myself being able to do that until I joined SouLift.

4. What goals are you working on outside of the gym?


 We plan on two dedicated family vacations each year, no matter what!  Even if we go to the same places every time, we still go and have a great time. I enjoy going to St. Augustine, Florida and Cedar Point.  I have the energy now to spend a week on vacation, and when I come home, I am not completely exhausted!

5. What motivates you? 

 Other gym members who are all striving hard each day to improve.  The structured workouts have helped me improve on my personal growth, because I am able to see how I am getting stronger with each workout. Also, David is very motivational. I cannot tell you how many times he has yelled at me to stop telling him that I cannot do it! 

6. What advice do you have for beginners?


 Join, commit, and just do it.  You will feel amazing once you see the difference in yourself.  Of course it is hard, but for 60 minutes a day, your body will be transformed and your overall health will never be better.

7. What would you like to say to those who voted for you?

 I know other members who work just as hard, if not harder, than myself.  Everyone who is committed to this gym deserves an award like this, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for acknowledging me, supporting me, and believing in me.

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